Monday, July 28, 2014

Watipu Caves

Saturday morning brought with it beautiful clear skies, so I decided to go on a little day trip with the Family to explore the Whatipu Caves in Auckland

There were about 5 that we could get to. The first was quite narrow but we walked in then crawled on our tummies a bit further, as we could see large cove in front that we were able to stand up in.

We walked further around the shore and found one massive cave that people had previously set up a campfire in, it looked awesome! Def want to go back one evening in the summer with friends. Perhaps take a guitar HAHA

Also found this little guy hiding at the back of one...

Next time will have to take a flashlight, we weren't very well prepared and our iPhones didn't provide a lot of light - typical city dwellers!
Def recommend going there for a look if you have a sunny afternoon to spare, its just past Huia on the west coast of Auckland  :)

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