Monday, August 4, 2014

Auckland Night Markets

On Friday night I went down to the local night markets for dinner. Recently Auckland has had these markets pop up in different suburbs across the city, ranging from Thursday - Sunday. People set up stalls with all sorts of food such as Mexican, Hungarian, Mediterranean, Japanese, French crepes etc.

We had some delicious Mediterranean bread stuffed with spinach and feta, some pork dumplings and a wood fire pizza with jalapenos, salami and olives. Was so yum!!! I really wanted a banana and chocolate crepe for dessert but was way too full and had to limit myself somewhere!

I took a few snaps of the guy making the dough for the pizza - he was throwing them in the air to stretch out the dough which was a little impressive

Unfortunately the camera on my iPhone is pretty average - but you get the idea. The pizza was delicious! We ate it so quickly I forgot to take a pic haha but heres one from their facebook page

Def a must if you're looking for a cheap dinner. The markets are quite popular, they're a little shabby, but the food is yum and its something a little different to go and do :)

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