Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Auckland put up a beautiful weekend with stunning weather these last few days. The weekends are usually when the bad weather kicks in so I decided to make the most it and squeeze in a bit of exercise at the same time!

So on Saturday I took my doggies out to Piha for a walk along the beach - and dragged my brothers along too


Here you can see Lion Rock in the background. You are able to climb only partway up, as the top half is closed for safety reasons. It offers lovely views and the twins trekked up while I waited with the dogs.

As you can see, the beach is pretty rough. It has very strong undercurrents and rips so I wouldn't recommend swimming here. In the summer we have lifeguards and flags to swim between but I still stick to the sand as the pull of the undercurrents is pretty scary! The surfers love the waves here though.

Tigs getting a break from walking. Its a dogs life!


We ended up walking quite far before turning back, and found some big washed up logs...... #photoop

It was so good to get out in the fresh air. The dogs made loads of new friends (some bigger and scarier than others) and the twins ended up having a really good time, as they always do!


I love the West Coast beaches, they are so rugged and different to any others in Auckland, I prefer Piha but you can also check out Muriwai - which does BMX / quad biking and horse riding along the shore - or Bethells - which has massive sand dunes that you can run up (or more likely slowly struggle up!) and then come flying back down on a boogie board, as well as a lake nestled amongst the dunes.
Getting so excited for summer!

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