Friday, August 29, 2014

Pretty Little Things

Yesterday I had to visit a sports physician to find out whats wrong with my knee, so ended up taking the day off and had a lovely day shopping, eating and working out. Ok, the working out bit was not as lovely (apart from some of the beautiful people at the gym....haha)
On my way to my appointment I saw orchids for sale on the side of the road - 3 stems for $7 - a bargain! So had to stop off and get some cash to treat myself....

Aren't they stunning?
I then went out to the outlet mall for some more bargain hunting, and picked up this cute little bag from Forever New, a little just need the super yacht to go with it!

I had plans to meet Mum for lunch at a adorable cafe near her work called Little Sister Cafe, unfortunately it was PACKED and the Chef was off sick so only cabinet food was available, so we decided to go to Plant Barn instead. The food was delicious!

Mums pumpkin and roast vege salad

My chicken, bacon and mushroom panini (AMAZING!)
We shared this blueberry and caramel slice.......... YUM
All the food was delicious, and my hot chocolate was perfect, which is actually pretty hard to come by these days; most are too milky, no froth or not hot enough. The staff were very friendly and attentive, the decor was adorable with little milk bottles for water, old school watering cans with flowers on shelving along the walls, flavoured teas on display in jars. I meant to take more photos but got carried away with the food and catching up on gossip!
Love having causal days off work :)

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