Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday Wanderings

I was looking after my little brothers this weekend, and after playing soccer mom on Saturday I decided to take them to Western Springs with the dogs for some fresh air and exercise on Sunday.

It was pretty overcast but the rain held off yay. Western Springs is known for its geese and swans - which were everywhere! A few were getting a little territorial and fighting which was slightly amusing, and we came across a swan with her beautiful fluffy babies!

After walking around the park we found an empty field to kick the soccer ball around and let the dogs off their leads



Some cute pics of Tigs - he looks like the flying nun! Bella was too excited exploring to get any decent photos



Isnt he the cutest?!!

Ive been looking at getting a new camera so I can get some decent pictures. Been trying to google reviews and went to a couple of stores on Saturday to have a feel for them and try to figure out exactly what I want. OMG biggest mission ever! So much jargon, nothing is to the point, the sales guys dont seem to know what they are talking about - I knew more than they did! So the search continues!

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