Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Wee Bit of Culture

So the weekend just past was pretty dreary and miserable. A stark contrast to the previous stunner! Weekends like that tend to put me in a pretty melancholy mood, and the darkness outside always seems to make it feel like it is later than what it actually is.
Nevertheless I met up with a mate for brunch on Saturday in Ponsonby. We had intended on checking out The Unbakery (also known as Little Bird Organic) however there was a 25min wait for a table for two, for BRUNCH! Which is slightly ridiculous, and also becoming one of those really annoying fashionable rituals. So we trotted off down Jervois Road to another little cafe which wasn't quite as fashionable but delicious none the less and provided a table instantly. Very important, as those of you who know me well know I can get a little grumpy when hungry.....oops.
After meandering around Ponsonby Road looking at some of the quirkier shops I decided to pay a visit to the Auckland Art Gallery


This side of the building is quite old fashioned but the other side is all modern and has won a few arcitecture awards if memory serves me correctly. Personally I prefer the old fashioned side.

This guy standing guard outside the first room on the entrance level. Be it on your head if you try to enter with a coffee.....
Hes actually a statue. But the gallery monitors will get you, as I learnt the first time I visited. Newbie or what?!

To be frank, I am not one for modern art. A lot of it I feel has little to no skill and gets a whole lot of hype for little talent. Such as the work I saw when I first entered which was a grey wall with "Red words on a grey background" written across in red neon lights. Utter crap. The little blurb beside it stated it was meant to make people think. All that I could think was if this is the rubbish modern artists are churning out and we are praising it, what is the world coming to.
I did however find a collection of artwork in the next room by the name of Robert Ellis which i found more impressive. The below painting titled Urban City really stood out to me from across the room.....mostly because of the colours and the size (it was well bigger than me) perhaps not all is lost with modern art ;) 
My photo does it no justice!
They also had a case of collectables that Robert had gathered in his travels, I thought these were pretty cool.

These paintings also stood out to me....although I do feel that they would be easy to replicate.

I then moved up to the levels that house art from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Now this stuff is my favourite! I love it! And the collection has changed from when I was last here a few months ago so I was a little excited when I walked into the room and discovered new pieces to look at.


Now THIS is talent. Can you imagine the amount of hours that went in to create these? When you look up closely you can see detail in all the folds in fabric, jewellery, hair, facial expression. Their eyes and the background detail.
It doesn't even compare to abit of neon writing on a wall.

Recognise these ladies? The three witches from Macbeth

I really liked the colour in this painting, it was huge and up high so was a little hard to photograph. I find some of the stories behind them so interesting; the young man in the bed was in love with the lady beside him - who happened to be his fathers new wife - so he was starving himself as he could not be with her. His father did not want to lose his son so gave up his wife to be with him.

I love the little King Charles Spaniel with her


I thought these statues were pretty awesome too.
Was a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon. There's a little cafe in the building but it wasn't looking very promising at 2pm on a Saturday so I gave it a miss, might trial it next time. Also had a little giggle people watching and listening to some of the interpretations of the more modern art....each to their own tastes I suppose!
I just wonder in 300 years if people visit galleries with our generations art on display what they will think of us and our talent, in comparison to art from 600 years ago.

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