Monday, September 15, 2014

Baguette & Co.

Ive heard good things about Baguette and Co. from a few of my workmates, one of whom had their lunch there today, so my cravings for french bread kicked in (does it ever really leave?!) and I decided to give it ago.

I had a little read of the menu and decided to try the "Bardot" baguette with mozzarella, sundried tomatoes & basil.

I often walk past and the place is full, but I must have struck a quiet moment so I was able to take a seat and enjoy my baguette in the little cafe. From what I could see they mainly have customers coming in for takeaway baguettes, but there is seating for around ten people inside as well as a couple of little tables out the front.



It was so yummy! I LOVE sundried tomatoes and haven't had any in awhile, and those mixed with the cheese and basil spread was soooo tasty


The cafe was very cute, I love the decor, from the massive clock on one wall, to the giant scroll like menu's and cute lampshades.

Even this little display of preserves and table were charming.


They also have macaroons and patisseries for sale, which I narrowly managed to avoid eating! They looked delicious though and judging by the freshness of the baguette I imagine that they would be just as lovely.
The baguette wasn't overly filling for $10.50 but it is all about quality over quantity with the French! It is a once in a while kind of treat :)

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