Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Get Fit for Summer!

This weekend I felt like I got so many things done, took my car to get a WOF and thank god it passed - so that's another 6 months up my sleeve! I went out and voted for our general election in NZ - cue the obligatory post voting selfie

I got my hair coloured - very important when you have regrowth and multiple colours coming through - and I went to the gym, 3 times in 2 days! That is some kind of record for me! The reason for that being that I trialed a morning workout at one of Auckland's most popular gyms - Les Mills.

My friend is currently a member and suggested I come along to check it out. We visited the Victoria Street branch which is the original branch in the CBD. When we first walked in to the left was a supplements shop with a rather bulky looking assistant (great advertising!) and in front of us a health cafe and the reception. I signed in and off we went.

Wow are there some beautiful figures here! This gym is known for it and did not let me down. I spotted a guy in a stringy tank top striking a few body building posers in front of the mirror, for all to see.


And there were some lovely women in fancy workout gear and faces full of makeup (on a Sunday morning no less). I was relieved to be wearing my fancy patterned tights but rather lacking in the makeup department, let alone the toned perfect figure department!  But I must say working out amongst these beauties was a great motivator and I couldn't help but be impressed with their discipline.

I found the equipment lovely to use, the weight machines were so smooth, shiny and new looking. My only disappointment was that on the first two floors the layout was quite higgledy piggledy and there were low hanging beams everywhere complete with padding and signs to "mind your head". I couldn't stand up straight and survey the room for equipment (or lets be honest, hotties) you had to sort of duck and look around. However on the top floor, which was females only, the room was very airy and spacious with loads of light coming through the windows and quite lovely to workout in.

I didn't participate in a class which I'm abit gutted about, as these are what Les Mills are renouned for, but I've taken a "Les Mills" class at other gyms in the past so I know what they're about - and I could hear the music and yelling pumping through the windows as we left the building.

All in all it was great to finally step inside the infamous gym and see for myself, and it was fun working out with my friend. I'm going to be sticking with my current gym, but its always great to see what the competition is like.

 If you're not a gym member and are thinking about joining one, as, lets face it, summer is only 2 months away and we have all been hermiting through the winter! You should jump online and check out the one day trials that most gyms offer. It doesn't have to be Les Mills it could be another gym closer to you in your area. If nothing is advertised online don't be afraid to give them a call, most gyms will be happy to show you around and offer a trial if it means more clients through the door!

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