Monday, September 15, 2014


After gorging ourselves on delicious market foods we headed to Orewa beach to walk it off and let the dogs have a run around. It was such a stunning, clear day, we could see for miles.



I've always loved coming to Orewa, its about a 35 minute drive from Auckland and I'll often head up here if its a beautiful day in the summer. Its a little seaside town which has become more and more built up over the years. There is a surfclub on the beach and along the main street you will find lots of cafes and shops, as well as a few ice cream parlours and bars


The beach is quite long so you get a decent walk out of it, it also means that during peak times you'll always find a spot down the quieter ends of the beach

The problem with having dogs is it means you have to be on poo as I am a responsible dog owner (now haha) I had to make a little detour to the rubbish bin. Yuck!


How happy are they?!!

Not far from suburbia! All that walking is thirsty work, so we stopped off for a drink in one of the cafes and a sneaky little browse of the shops


I cant wait for summer!! Was a nice little taster, even caught abit of sun on my pale arms. Looking forward to catching a nice golden tan soon :)

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