Friday, September 19, 2014

Shaky Isles

I met up with a friend for brunch in Kingsland and we decided to go to Shaky Isles. Ive been here a couple of times (the first being delicious, and the second not so much) so I was keen to give it another shot.

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Due to the windy and slightly rainy weather, we grabbed a table inside and ordered matching brekkies, consisting of trim hot chocolates and eggs bene

The hot chocolates come out as hot frothy milk with a Whittakers Sante bar inside melting, I think there may have been a bit of sneaky chocolate sauce in the bottom too. Everything is mismatching and we had quirky spoons, like the type your grandma collected, and primary coloured saucers. Deana's spoon was complete with a dolphin, which is coincidentally her fave animal, cute!
Next came the eggs bene - these came out pretty quickly which was nice, there's nothing worse than sitting around waiting for your food when you're hungry! The cafe is pretty popular too so it wasn't through lack of orders. 

YUMMM! How good does that look???  The eggs were poached perfectly and covered in just the right amount of hollandaise. The bread buns under the eggs were actually quite thick, and were so fresh and tasty. I love my bread so I was pretty happy with these!
The interior decorating is really cute, they have a little cartoon theme going on with pictures on the walls, as well as logoed onto their coffee cups



Cute huh??
When we got up to pay I had a nosey at the cabinet food.....the filled rolls look pretty good

And I liked how they've decorated their coffee machine with polaroids and more of their cartoon logos.
I'm still pretty shy when taking pictures with my camera, it seems so much more inconspicuous taking them on your iPhone - everyone has accepted picture taking for instagram or selfies - but if you whip out your camera people will openly stare. Like the guy who I've half cropped in the top right corner of the last photo. But from advice I've read on other blogs I just need to "grow a pair and get over it".....hmmmmm or maybe I'll pretend I'm a tourist.
Check out the Shaky Isles Facebook page for more pics of their yummy food, or pop along and try it out for yourself :)

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