Friday, September 12, 2014

Sunday Markets

My favourite market comes on the first Sunday of every month - the Coatesville Market

So we got up nice and early and drove out to have a browse through the stalls and pick up some brekkie. I got my favourite nutella and banana crepe, while the others filled up on a few samples....

It was my first time bringing my dogs to the market and I confess I was a major newbie and a tad unsuccessful in multitasking the leash holding/photo taking/eating. Esp to begin with as Bells and Tigs were super excited to be out and about exploring



And making friends.......We also found a cutie peeking out from under his mums table

But back to the market! They have loads of crafts, jewellery, soy candles, dresses and food. Some of the candles smell divine and are handmade here in NZ, so they make excellent gifts. I also came across these interesting wooden sunnies....



It's a very popular market with people everywhere browsing, eating, mingling, and sampling the treats on display

I love macaroons so had to buy one of those babies! I had the raspberry and coconut swirl, it was delicious! Takes me back to when I was on my OE in France and a little obsessed with eating macaroons, particularly the giant ones haha

 We also discovered these custard filled pancakes! They had a few samples to offer which propelled us to buy 4 for $7 - bargain! We got custard, chocolate and one mozzarella. The custard were the best, in my humble opinion.
Mum bought Pop some old fashioned home brewed ginger beer for Fathers Day, as he used to make it when my Mum was little. It was delicious!


Was so lovely, I look forward to it each month! This months was a little smaller as we'd had so much rain during the week so hopefully Octobers will be back to normal. If you're into foodie markets with lots of homemade crafts and jewellery then you should def check it out. Don't forget to take cash with you as only a few stalls cater for eftpos :)

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