Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Antoine's Parnell

A few weeks ago I was invited to be one of Zomato's approved bloggers (which was all very exciting!) Zomato is a Restaurant/Cafe review website and I had written a few little reviews on their site for some places I had also blogged about. So I met up with one of their team members for dessert and a chat and she gave me a couple of vouchers to visit Antoine's
I scoped out their menu and saw that it was all very extravagant, and invited a friend of mine to come along for dinner last Friday night.
We kicked the night off with drinks at NSP, I had never been here before and LOVED it. The place has a restaurant as well as a separate bar, so we ordered our drinks and sat down in the bar section under vines and fairy lights, with a view of the restaurant within.

It was pretty quiet as it was only 5.30pm, however apparently it kicks off later in the night. A waitress came around offering nibbles, which she explained they do as part of their happy hour, so yummy!

We finished our drinks and wandered up to Antoine's. We actually walked straight past it before realising the street numbers had jumped. It is housed in a little villa with a front courtyard and vines covering the fence. Very very private and reclusive.


The entrance is not obvious, so we wandered down the side of the villa to have a look and found stairs leading up to a closed door and a door bell.


 We pressed the buzzer and voila! A butler opens the door and ushers us in. The interior is still laid out like a house with 3 little separate rooms. There was one family in the first room and we were taken past into the third room, which had the kitchen half-open at one end. We were seated with napkins laid and still-water proffered (unbeknown to us at $7.50 a glass).
While we looked at our menus warm bread was bought to the table to nibble on. Needless to say the LCHF diet was on hold for the night!



Rachel ordered the tuna tartare to start

With venison for her main

I skipped the entrees as I'm more of a dessert person. Unfortunately there was a very long wait between entrees and mains, (and I'm not really sure why as there were only 3 tables occupied....) but I was feeling quite hungry by the time the mains came out.
 I ordered the lamb, and was not disappointed!

It was delicious! And quite a large serving of meat. The lamb very tender and on a bed of couscous which was so yummy, I was very happy!
Both mains came out with a token side of veges......the scalloped potatoes were perfect and a lovely surprise.

 I then ordered the chocolate pot for dessert. As you all may know I am a chocolate addict, and this is why I skipped my entree :)

I have to say I was a little surprised at the presentation, I did not expect a paper napkin on the plate! The macaroon was rock hard and not nice at all, but the pot of chocolate moose was amazing! Incredibly rich and chocolately.


When we went to pay we discovered that they did not take EFTPOS, which they informed us they"hadn't done in 30 years" in a way that made us feel very small, like we did not belong there. I was quite stunned. They only take credit or cash. We also discovered that the prices did not include GST, so aside from being bloody expensive on the menu, it was even more on the bill.
The atmosphere was very stilted, to the point you felt uncomfortable holding a conversation at a normal tone, everything was hushed. Which may be due to the lack of people there to create background noise, although there was music playing very quietly.
All in all the food was nice but I would not return, nor would I recommend it to anyone. My idea of a good meal out is somewhere with amazing food, but also an amazing atmosphere. There are loads of other places in town to go to get this quality of food with better quality atmosphere. But I'll chalk it upto experience :)

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  1. Fun night but agree with you about the atmosphere! Great photos!