Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dinner and Drinks

Saturday night I caught up with a friend for dinner and drinks in Ponsonby. We headed to Ponsonby Central as neither of us had eaten there before, but I'd been meaning to go for months!
Ponsonby Central has about 8 different mini restaurants to choose from. By mini I mean the spaces are pretty small and you can't make bookings, its quite trendy and people pop in for some food then can go along somewhere else for drinks or dessert.

We wandered around and checked out all the menus, then with my LCHF diet in mind we decided to go for the Japanese place - Tokyo Club.


I ordered a vodka soda, and the bartender came out to explain that they only stocked Japanese vodkas and checked that I was happy with trying one of those. I opted for their kumera vodka which had a really strong flavour, but was nice to try something different


It came out with a giant ball of ice so that the water didn't melt into my drink quickly which looked pretty cool

We started with Duck Dumplings 'Shumai' and Chicken Karaage with Japanese Mayo (fried chicken)



At this point I asked one of the waitresses to take our picture, which came out really fuzzy but I'll post it none the less.

 I was a bit hesitant about the duck dumplings as I'm not a big fan of duck, but they were really good, and the chicken was amazing! But who doesn't love a bit of fried chicken?!!

For our mains I ordered Grilled Ginger Pork Belly

and Rachel ordered the Seared Seafood Trio.

Not sure how much Rach liked hers but mine was delicious and super filling. The pork had quite a lot of fat on it, so I had to cut some of it off, but that's what you get with pork belly.

With full bellies we moved on to Longroom for a cocktail and a touch of people watching

Was a pretty quiet evening but was lovely to try some new food and wake up fresh on Sunday morning :)

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