Monday, October 20, 2014

Justin Timberlake in Auckland!

I saw Justin for the 2nd time last Wednesday and OMG his show was amazing!!!

Justin was here for 3 shows at Vector. The first two sold out so fast and all the best seats were snapped up while I was frantically trying to refresh and search, but my friend and I managed to get good seats to the 3rd show, which also almost completely sold out. 
It was a beautiful day so we decided to head to Jack Tar for pre concert dinner and drinks as it looks out over the water and caught the late afternoon sun

The place was pumping. Their food is delicious with huge portions and the menu is full of everyone's faves. I would definitely recommend coming here this summer for either lunch or dinner, you can book tables inside but outside is first come first served.
We headed up towards Vector Arena amongst the crowds, and stopped off at Milse on the way for dessert.


This place is a little slice of heaven if you are a dessert fiend like moi. We both chose a little chocolate caramel pot which came in a miniature glass jar to takeaway and eat on our walk. Apparently if you return the jar you get a free macaroon, however we couldn't hold onto those little babies when entering a concert.
 We arrived at the perfect time, with just enough spare to grab a drink (and a selfie) then find our seats

Then he was on!! He opened with Pusher Love Girl and the crowd went crazy
(you'll have to excuse the super grainy photos - cant take fancy cameras into a concert so my iPhone had to do!)


He is such an impressive live singer! Can actually hold a tune and sounds like his records, and then there's his dancing! Omg I wish I could dance like that, it was awesome to watch. The piano got bought out for him to play a couple of songs, as well as his guitar. He is just all round amazingly talented!


There wasn't must of a set but he didn't really need one. His band and backup dancers were really good and he made sure to thank them and include them in his performance. He interacted with the crowd all the time, getting us to sing along to the lyrics and stopping for a chat. I was struck by how humble he was, thanking the crowd for appreciating and listening to his songs.

He mixed up the songs from all 3 of his albums so it wasn't just a dedication to his latest album which I was stoaked about, he also added bits from some of his collaborations with other artists. All the favourites came on and it was such an awesome experience, the whole crowd was on their feet singing and dancing along.
The closing song was Mirrors, which is my favourite of his at the moment, I cant tell you how amazing it was! The buildup to the song was epic and the crowd just went crazy, it was the absolute perfect finale. (I've popped the video for Mirrors down below so you can get an inkling as to what it was like)
I am doing this concert absolutely no justice as my grainy photos and words cant express how cool it really was, but if any of you are into live gigs as much as I am then you will know the feeling. We were floating on air afterwards! He is an amazing performer, and if you every get the opportunity to see him live, DO IT!!! You will not regret it.

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