Thursday, October 23, 2014

Little Sister Cafe

I had a day off last week and met up with mum for brunch. We decided to go to Little Sister as I'd heard so many good things but it is only open Monday - Friday, so I'm usually unable to get there.

The cabinet food looked AMAZING, so many delicious treats to choose from, none of which I could eat, but could appreciate from the side

How good does that look?!! I'll have to say it took an extreme amount of self-control to resist this food, that and my mum was with me, her judgment for breaking my LCHF (yet again) was enough to prevent me.

The picture above is of mini banoffee pies, they even had caramel popcorn sprinkled ontop! To die for.


So I bypassed the cabinet and ordered fried eggs with sides of mushrooms and spinach, and we took a seat around the corner of the cafe.


I love the little touches of alternative decor on the walls. The above was painted on and the below was different squares of fabric wrapped around frames, which was quite cute.

Our meals came out, they don't look as impressive as the cakes however it was yummy and healthy! Always a bonus.

The staff were really friendly and more than happy to cater to personalised breakfast orders
The whole place is quite "on trend" with mismatching tables and chairs painted in pastel colours, and how cute are these oven mitt's pinned to the wall?

I'm going to head back next time I have a weekday off work and sample some of the cabinet food, I cant actually believe I managed to avoid it! If ever you're in the Western Suburbs of Auckland during the week pop by for lunch and check it out for yourself, and please promise you'll try the banoffee pie for me?

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